Sunday, March 9, 2008 i see my two yr old cousin toddling towards me with his ever naughty smile...dimple popping on either sides,,,stretching out his hands i sat over-awed reflecting....what makes a kid soooo wonderful??..children are the most enchanting creation...the very sight of a child makes your woes vaporize...u sub-consciously end up smiling wonderful it would be to be a kid once again....what is the thought process in a kid's mind?...does he yearn to swing in the clouds and play foot ball with the moon?...why is it that he hates to take bath yet love to get wet in the rain? does he manage to consume so much of your energy and time...yet make you go gaga about him?? i wish i could stealthily creep into a kid's mind and see this world from his eyes!!....after these random thoughts..i got on with my work...usual college tests and stuff when i heard one of my friends mentioning that it is lovely to be in love!!<...sshhh;)> i was just listening to it with a puzzled cum amused smile....that made me get back to my thoughts...for anybody who is yearning to be a kid is as if god grants him his earnest request and sends the alter ego called the this stranger sways into your life...that minute you are re-born as new leaf...its like you get back your childhood give your mom sudden hugs...u get up and dance to every song you hear...u keep giggling for everything without rhyme or start loving chocolates...rain..trees....hill-tops ...moon....all those whom you considered as your best pals when you were a cry when you are happy and sad..evryone around you seems to be are ever ready with a essentially spend your time just just re-live your childhood!!!!...phew!!....there is so much of simplicity in this complex is just awesome!