Sunday, April 3, 2011

what is this life,,,it makes us soo vulnerable and absolutely powerless in front of can one work hard and do so many things...plan plan and plan and then carefully as if handling a glass statue execute the plan, only to have the destiny make its own plan and execute it in the diametrically opposite way??!...Its easy to say, take life as it comes, do your best god will see to the rest,,,but you know the magnitude of pain..of failure ..of anger..of frustration only when you do work so hard and it doesn materialize..what is this thats happening?? why are we soo helpless??

As i scream all these things to the nobody around me, i get a pin-drop,,actually a scary morbid silence as the reply. Certain things are just beyond sounds so spineless to say things like this..but its true..the stark dirty truth...its just not in your hands.
But the beauty is, inspite of thrashed dreams, broken hearts, shattered lives, painful transition of alive days and moments to miserable memories...there is always a new life waiting.

Given a chance, many of us would love to wallow in the pity and misery and go into non-existence...but we dont, coz we dont have a choice in that too...we are forced to take the new life that is waiting round the corner,,just like a forceful dosage of medicine or an uninvited guest who has taken complete hostage over our current home..our current life.

And life evolves once again...from the fall season to bloom...taking us through...phases of initial frustrated slowly reluctant submission to miserable guilt trips for submitting exasperated forceful acceptance of the changes to finally accepting the defeat -the new life-and the hope (which we swore to ourselves that we will never have after a certain incident)

Things like this..wash us out..baffle us...break us..torment us..scare us..but weirdly also shape us..

and thts why it is said -'life as we know it!'

ps: dedicated to YOU!