Monday, October 20, 2008

'who is it'? i murmured, as i heard a tap on my door
'let me in' replied a he voice
'but why should i?'i questioned not recognising him
he calmly replied-'to complete yourself'
totally bewildered i mumbled-'sorry, i dont get you'
after a meditated pause he spoke---
...'i once saw a lass , walking by the shore,
looking longingly at the deep blue sea,
holding hands with teh air that whistled past her,,
singing slowly and passionately forher man in tmrw's dreams..
that very instant i found a part of me that had been missin
..for ten odd years,,,and here i come to claim it'
as he continued his heart's ballad , i felt a queer feelin of someone taking hostages..
a feeling i had linged for but nvr felt before..
my cheks flushed..
tears struggled to convey the unspoken dreams..that second i created an intimate bond with the stranger...
closed my eyes...followed my thought...
opened my heart's door..and whispered
come in!!!

1 comment:

Adrian said...

Awesome Mona.... as usual, u rock when it comes to expressing urself in words... waiting for more cr..c ya...