Tuesday, February 8, 2011

there was once a girl..chirpy ...flitting merrily around unaware of what or how her life will take a turn. She was happy with who she was or whatever she thought she was..It was then one day..she met a person .. a person who takes the same crash course as her. She dint kno why,,but she resisted getting to know this person..but she knew enough that there was something about that other person..that intrigued her . Considering her personality..she was able to dodge getting to know this other person. But destiny had a different plan, and in a span of one year..they were thrown back to the same classes. Feeling out of place..and torn between whom to be with...this girl chose the mysterious person over the other faces that seemed to lose form like a paint drop dissolving in water. There was an awkward moment,,,but that was the oly moment that was awkward between them ever since. Days flew...and she opened up more more..much more..that she realsied one day that...earlier before her encounter with this person...she just dint know who she was. She was viewed as a gift package..and she assumed that that was who she was. It dawned to her that no matter how beautiful the wrapper looked..it is meant to be unwrapped ..let the world and herself see who she really was. And so unfolded a life together..a life filled with laughter,,insecurities..endless talks..deepest secrets...obviously fights..withdrawing sprees...but at the end..it was a life together. They being poles apart..admired each other..loved each other ..and were always patient with each others tantrums( tho it was predominant only one way ;))..They became an integral part of each others lives. The girl was lost in her dreamworld..a world filled with this mysterious person and all those who was introduced to her by that source. With evry new additional person...their love for each other grew instead of dwindling. It was ironic how you think you cant love a person more..but u shock yourself the very next day. They adorned a dream together,,,a dream which they soo fervently hoped would work..and whether the dream worked or not...it sure brought them closer...they discussed wackiest of topics..did craziest of things,,,cried together almost over evrything and nothing...

And now..one of them..is moving forward..taking a huge leap into the real world..the real world which our dreamy girl totally can not relate to...After a years of being together in messier situations..its the first time..these two have to be in different phases different places with different situations 'together'. Though insecurity washes either of them in its own way...though doubts swallow them ...they know that..things change..dreams change..but they are still 'them'

ps: to mahima..for us :)

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mahimsm said...

Someone once said that "friends are like kisses blown to us by angles" but i guess since god thought i was really special he blew me a mona instead!
I soo love you monu!
cant wait to talk to you...cal me asap!
love,love and more love,