Friday, January 11, 2008

one of my works when the thoughts about my previous posts were running in my mind....."growing out"........god i wish such a thing never existed!!!!!!!

......CRUSHed heart...
alongside the lake, I stood, deeply lost..
For it was the day I had awaited the most
eyes constantly restless..
Waiting for my guy nevertheless..

What was he going to say?

The wait seemed never ending..

The sweet pain all the more burdening..

A tingling feeling through my vein..

As I see him finally walking through the main..

Gosh! Just for the twinkle of his eyes..
I would give this world any price..
Mixture of emotions gushing..

I could not stop myself from blushing..

I looked into his eyes with expectation..

To see whether there is any reciprocation..

Love, I did find,…

Seeing which tears welled making me almost blind..
For the love was not meant to be mine…

A chill feeling down my spine…

His words became glass splinters ..

And tore my soul apart into tatters..

Though inside I was dead…

Seeing the happiness in his eyes, I tried to heal my heart that bled..

Though I found any excuse to live, lame..

Dint know whom to blame
i decided to move on catching hold of my courage..
For I realized that my love was just a MIRAGE!!!!

and hence it is called a "crush"!!!!!


Speech is Golden said...

Pls accept a blue ribbon from me :-

Who you are has made a difference
a blue ribbon for you

And pass it on to a deserving person!! Preferably to someone you haven't shown your appreciation.

I AM~~~ME~~ said...

hey mona!
loved the last 2 lines the most:) defining!
gud work!